Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Welcome to Thursday everyone! It has been one long, crazy week around here. But, I'm still alive, so I guess it's all good. LOL.

My Thursday Thirteen them this week is...

Thirteen Things That I Learned This Week:

1. I learned who my true friends are & weeded out some less-than-sincere ones.
2. I learned that placing a glass casserole dish on a stove that is still on will result in flying shards of glass and casserole all across the kitchen & diningroom.
3. I learned to be grateful for the local pizza place after dealing with an exploding casserole. LOL
4. I learned that cleaning Tator Tot Casserole off of the stove eyes is quite an extensive job.
5. I learned that my dog & I have a better relationship when he can spend warm days outside.
6. I learned that telling my toddler 27,000 times not to spit water in the floor still isn't enough times.
7. I learned that a glass of wine (or three) does wonders for the spirit. ;-)
8. I learned that I don't like meatless hotdogs. Ewww!
9. I learned that good quality bunkbeds are exptremely expensive.
10. I learned that I might be getting a much needed office here at home. YAY!
11. I learned that my girls have widely varying taste in decor.
12. I learned that everyone can easily choose a room theme when Mommy says she'll do it herself. (They don't want to see what I'd choose for their room, lol.)
13. Lastly, I learned that I am a stronger woman than I thought. Life may throw you curve balls (after curve ball, after curve ball), but I can catch those curve balls and move on.

I hope that everyone has had a great week, and will have a wonderful upcoming weekend. I will be out doing some shopping this weekend. We'll be coming into a nice tax refund tomorrow & we'll go put it right back into the economy. LOL!


  1. Hello Christie,

    I hope that I am a friend and not a weed...LOL.... Sorry but the casserole thing made me giggle...
    I hope you have fun spending your much needed tax refund....Have Fun You Deserve It....

    I did my tag, haven't tagged anyone else yet, because I have a heck of a time getting into the comments area. (Doesn't always let me in...will complete this over the weekend)

    Your Friend,

  2. Enjoy spending that money! Mine has to go to bills :-(
    Hoping next week is better!