Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen.

Yep, it's Thursday yet again. I've been busy this week with book edits and all the normal run-arounds that a wife and mother deals with. I am going at a pretty good pace when it comes to adding my book edits to the computer file for A Birth at Dawn. I *should* be done in another day or two. YAY!

Ok, now lets get to the Thursday Thirteen. Today's topic is....

13 Pet Peeves of Mine

1. People who cut you off in traffic. Are you really going to get your kid to school faster than mine? They go to the SAME school!
2. People who can't drive & talk on their cell phones. If you're going to do it illegally, at least learn how to do it well.
3. People who show up without letting you know they're coming.
4. On the flip side, people who DO call, but don't show up on time... if at all. Why am I waiting around for you again?
5. People who can't put a new roll of toilet paper on the hanger. Why sit it on the counter? It will take you like a whole second to put it in the right spot. Right?
6. People who stick their noses into other people's business. Mind your own business!
7. Dog owners who refuse to keep their animals on their own property. If I wanted you dog over here tormenting my cats I'd invite it over.
8. Gas prices... need I say more?
9. People who let their kids run wild in public. My kids stay within a three foot space from me, why can't yours?
10. People who smoke in public crowds. I could really care less if you kill yourself with those, but I'd like to not be forced to breathe in your secondhand smoke.
11. The disappearance of common courtesy. Really, when did that happen?
12. Filthy public bathrooms. People are PAID to clean those, so why are they always dirty?
13. Lastly, after-school program directors who think that they can change the practice schedules last minute, yet still expect us parents to drop everything and jump on it. Not this mommy. If you're scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursday, don't tell me after Tuesday's practice that you're adding Wednesday to the lineup. So sorry, not coming, have plans, I signed up for two days a week, not three. You'll have to get over it.

Well, there you go. My Thursday Thirteen for this week is complete. Back to work I go!! :-)

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