Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thurday Thirteen

It's that day of the week again. It's almost the weekend, but not quite yet. I like Fridays much better. LOL.

So this week all my family is focused on is that nice stimulus check that is scheduled to arrive in our checking account tomorrow. Of course all of it is earmarked for other things already. so this week's Thursday Thirteen is.....

13 Things We Will be Doing with Our Money

1. Some will go into the savings account for our vacation in July.

2. Some will rent the hubby a "bobcat" so that he can work around the house and smooth out the driveway.

3. Some will go to bringing in a dump truck load of fresh gravel for the driveway.

4. Some will buy us a new pool for the family to enjoy this summer (I've refused to drive around for entertainment this summer, so everyone will be in the pool until vacation).

5. Some will go toward the speeding ticket the hubby brought graced me with last Friday. He was doing 77 in a 55.

6. I'll be buying myself a few new items of clothing.

7. Groceries

8. Bills

9. Gas

10. A few more garden supplies/plants/seeds.

11. I'm sure the girls will beg for some of it.

12. The hubby will find something he wants, lol.

13. Lastly, my favorite is..... I'm buying myself a brand new Dell laptop! My 2nd-hand, $35, eBay, laptop is retiring into the hands of our two older children. I'm sure it'll move on to laptop heaven with them in control. LOL!

So, as you can see, our check is gone before it gets here. But it's nice to be able to have it to do things with.

My old laptop is a second (or third) hand laptop that is a 2000 model Compaq Armada. I bought it for $35 on eBay and I've had it for almost 2 yrs. It's been a good little (heavy) laptop and it was my first. BUT it is very old in computer yrs and it's sooooo slow. I have absolutely nothing but my works-in-progress on it and the memory is half full. LOL Plus it keeps giving me a blue screen saying something to the effect of "Dumping Memory". THAT can't be good! LOL

I'm so excited for the new one! It's has more processing power than our desktop computer! Not to mention that the 80GB hardrive is wayyyyyy bigger than the 6GB in my old laptop. LOL Oh, and the best part..... it's purple! My all-time favorite color ever!

Well, I guess that's enough gushing for today. How about I just throw up a photo from the Dell site.....
Pretty, huh? LOL!
Have a great Thursday!!