Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen for the summertime!

Good morning to all of you beautiful people out there. I hope that you're doing well this morning and the bright rays of the sun are shining down warmly upon you. Was that too sappy? Yeah, I thought so. LOL! How's this.... Get up off your lazy ass and go do something! It's only Thursday for goodness sakes! ;-) Too harsh?

This morning I'm in a fiesty mood. Can you tell? The kids are now out of school for the summer and I fully expect to have a migraine by the end of the day. But before all of that begins, how about my Thursday Thirteen?

This week's topic is:

Thirteen Things I Plan to Do This Summer

1. Play in the pool.
2. Get a lovely tan.
3. Read a book that I'm not writing.
4. Write a book that's not finished.
5. Have a thriving vegetable garden.
6. Not yank all my hair out by the roots.
7. Not go gray from the constant bickering (that's what my red hair dye is for).
8. Go on vacation in 1 month. YAY for the beach!!!!
9. Not get sunburned at the beach.
10. Get cuddly (read: get laid) with the hubby while on vacation.
11. Look forward to school starting in August.
12. Have my cover designer create the cover for the next book that's scheduled for release in October.
13. Just be me. I love the summertime. I'm a sun-lover and absolutely adore the longer, warmer days.

See? I'm in a fiesty mood, especially after realizing what I wrote for #10. LOL!! Hopefully I won't go insane while the kids are home. I swear that the older they get the more difficult it is for them to not fight, bicker, argue, scream, complain, etc. They are at each others' throats all the time. But I have a few tricks up my sleeves when the fighting starts this year. There's this job that no one likes to do called... WEEDING! And now that my oldest has learned to mow the grass, that will be another punishment I can use. YAY! Lawncare that I don't have to perform, here they come! HA HA, punks!

They're cuties, but behind those smiles you'll find some little demons cackling it up as mommy slowly goes senile. ;-)

Here's to having a sane Thursday and a fun weekend to come. Til next time....