Wednesday, June 4, 2008

First full week...

So this is the first full week of all three kids being home for the summer. It hasn't been too awful bad. But then again, I contribute that to me putting them to work. LOL!

I've had them cleaning house, folding laundry, cleaning the dog crate, vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning bathrooms, etc. Monday they were so busy with chores that I didn't hear them argue a single time. WOW! So yesterday, as reward, I let the older two play in the pool for as long as they wanted (after I made them help clean it, lol). They stayed in the pool for about 4 hours before dragging their tired behinds in for a late lunch. They haven't even asked to go swimming today. LOL

Today I haven't asked them to do too much. They've watched cartoons, played on the computer, read some books, and just goofed off. That is until the older two started fighting over who's turn it was to play with the laptop (the old, one of course). So I popped the network card right out and walked away. Now no one can play on the internet. HA!

Now I hear the sound of an abandoned Spongebob playing on the tv in my room, while the younger two are outside the front door playing with our 1 month old litter of kittens (we have a cat-whore who gives a litter twice a year). The oldest is puffed up about the computer, so she's in her room reading a book. I don't care as long as I can enjoy this silence.

I have to say that with their annoying attitudes (at moments), I'm still enjoying sleeping late. Of course, by the time August rolls around I'll be begging for 6am wake-up calls just to get them back to school. LOL!

On to a different topic, I'm happy to say that my writer's block is slowly crumbling away into dust! I wrote TWO articles today. YAY! I was only going to write one this WEEK, but ended up with two today. Now I'll work on the two book chapters I have scheduled to write this week. Too bad it's already Wednesday... the days fly by quickly when you don't climb out of bed until 9am. ;-)

Well, I guess that's all for today. The younger two have come back inside and are now fighting over a toy. Sheesh! Check back tomorrow for my Thursday Thirteen, of which I still don't know the topic.

Have a great Hump Day!!