Monday, June 16, 2008

Vampires, why do we love them so?

I was asked in an earlier interview about my love of modern vampires in the stories that I write and that I read. The interviewer had mentioned that when she thinks of vampires the first thing that comes to minds are the type of vamps that Bram Stoker wrote about. I assured her that was not my type of vampire.

My main vampire Alex may be 150 years old, but he has learned to change with the times and is what I would consider a modern-day man. He sexy, muscular, smart with a touch of humor, and he is strong enough to take care of his woman if she needs him to. Alex is also a fantastic lover!

Many people look at vampirism as a dirty, disgusting, nasty problem to be solved. But in my fictional world of vampires, the exchange of blood is more sexual, energizing, personal, and creates a connection between two willing partners. The fact that these creatures of night--who could take anyone they wanted--have chosen you to be the person to sustain their life is nothing short of intoxicating.

When the modern-day vampires are the kinds of men that women dream of why shouldn't we love them? The blood exchange--especially during sex--is no difference than any other bodily fluid exchange during intimate moments. My vampires are the stuff that dreams are made of. Even the "bad guys" have a positive or two underneath their psychotic exteriors... of course that positive could just be their nice hair, but that's still a positive, right? *chuckle*

There are many different types of vampires in the world of books, tv, and movies. You have the ugly, old, decrepit ones who kill just to say they did. You have the hot, brooding, makes-me-tingle-all-over ones who wish they'd never lived to seen their first feed. You have the ones who kill everything in sight without thinking about the consequences. You have the ones who live off of sewer rats because they can't stand the thought of taking blood from a human. And many, many, many more types out there in the literary world. But in my opinion, about 85% of the vampires out there are the type that would make my blood boil over, while me heart races, and my words stammer as thoughts of intimacy course through my brain. Mmmmm, steamy!

This is why I write the stories that I write. This is why I choose to fall in love with the ideas of modern-day vampires. This is why Alexander Paul Jenkins is the vampire he is today!

If you are a lover of vampires, feel free to tell me why. I love to hear what others think when it comes to a passion of mine. :-)