Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, my dear!

Today is my middle daughter's 8th birthday. She thinks she's big stuff now that she's 8. lol We are having a cook-out birthday party this evening, but she alreadyreceived her gifts from me this morning (her choice).

The birthday cake just came out of the oven, the burgers are marinating, and the dishwasher is running so we'll have a clean kitchen at party time. Then after the party, my mom is taking the girls for the night, and Tim & I are going out to see a movie. He wants to see Wanted, so I'm sure that will be he one we'll go to. It looks good!

Then tomorrow we're taking the girls for lunch at Chuck E Cheese. The birthday girl wanted to have her party there, but I didn't feel like doing that this year, so we're just taking them for lunch and to play tomorrow. That's good enough for them because they are all excited to go. LOL.

So anyway, nothing too exciting this weekend, but it's super busy. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend! Go out and enjoy the summer! :-)