Sunday, July 20, 2008

Movies, Kids, and Chuck E Cheese!

Catchy title don't ya think? LOL!

Last night was nice. Wanted was a fantastic movie! Lots of action, gun fights, and humorous dialogue. We loved it. I also noticed that the soundtrack was just wonderful. I'll be hunting that one down ASAP.

This morning we headed up to Chattanooga in order to hit the Chuck E Cheese for lunch. The girls had a blast. Before we knew it, we'd been there for two hours! *shock* We had lots of pizza, drinks, tokens, and prize tickets. All three girls came home with some sort of cheap "toy" that will probably end up in the trash before next weekend. LOL! But, they loved it.

Right now we are dealing with a 3yr old who refuses to go to bed. Everytime we put her to bed she comes right back in here. Looks like it might be time to put the baby gate up at the door. At least she'll be in her room. LOL.