Monday, August 4, 2008

Money, money, money!

One of these days I'd like to have a money tree in my backyard. Anytime an unexpected bill arises you could just walk out the back door and pick a few dollars off the money tree and be done with it. When the weather starts to turn cold you just pick and harvest all you can before the tree shrivels up.

Awww, the things I could do with a money tree...

Why am I going on about the mythical money tree, you ask? Well, apparently money keeps leaving my house faster than it's coming in these days. Which in turn, gets me to wishing for a money tree. LOL!

My oldest had yet another orthodontist appointment today. I came home $150 poorer than I was when I went. We have to go back on the 20th for yet another consultation and then it's time toput the braces on. $5,000 is just an insane amount for this mess, but there's nothing a parent can do except to just pay it. It's that or let the child go through life with crooked teeth... and I won't allow that.

While I was sitting in the waiting room I chatted with another mother there. She had two daughters getting their braces put on today. TWO! At one time! $10,000!! Holy hell! But she was looking on the bright side and said that at least it would all be over with at once. LOL! Good for her, but there's no way I could afford to pay for two in braces at once. Nope, nada, no way in hell!

We both rambled on about the price of kids' clothing, gas, the ortho bill, and then how fast the kids grow. LOL! It was a collection of nothingness, but it wasted some time and who knows, we may even chat again with each other over the next two years of our lives sitting in that ortho's waiting room.

Now we have to go back on the 20th, then the oldest has an appt with her regular dentist in September, and then I'll have the ortho put the braces on in the end of October (the checkbook dictates that) and THEN it will be time to buy Christmas gifts, the oldest one's birthday, and the youngest one's birthday. AHHHH!!! More money, money, money.

Where's that money tree when you need one? Anyone have some seedlings you'd be willing to send me???

Here's hoping you're not having money issues today.

Only 2 more days until school starts here. That will help me relax for a change, at least. :-)