Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Favorite Artist & a book cover update!

Those of you who have read A Birth at Dawn have probably noticed the name and contact info of the artist who drew the image for that book's cover. Well, my upcoming novel, A Twilight Abduction, also has an image from the same artist.

This woman has more talent than I could ever dream of having. I've never been able to draw/paint, but she surpasses anything I've seen. Not only is she uber talented, but she's one of the most generous indiviuals that I've met. So I wanted to give a huge shout out and a sincere "thank you" to Zindy for the use of her beautiful art and her generous spirit for letting us use these pieces.

Stop by and check out her website. You're bound to find something that pulls at your heartstrings!

Now, on to the book cover update. Because of Zindy's generosity and my cover designer's speed (thank you again Mis!), A Twilight Abduction now has a gorgeous cover for its impending release on Halloween. I'm in love! Completely and utterly in love with this new cover. The colors, design, and layout are more than I could have expected. Mis has a talent all her own when it comes to graphic design.

So, if you'd like to be one of the first to see this new cover, stop by and sign up for my monthly newsletter. I will be showing the book cover in the next issue, scheduled to go out on Sept 3rd. So hurry and sign up before you miss it!

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  1. Thank YOU honey! I love making your covers, and agree, she is an AMAZING artist!

    .... Mis