Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ortho Update

Well, I took the oldest for yet another orthodontist appointment. Today he was just going over her x-rays and teeth problems... blah, blah, blah. Yes, yes, I know her teeth are crooked and she needs braces... that's why we're here. DUH!

All in all, she'll be getting her top braces on Monday, October 27th. With the bottoms going on about a month later. She's glad to be getting them (poor child doesn't know what she's getting into), but she's not happy that it's going to screw up her Halloween candy eating. LOL!!

Apparently wearing braces these days is much easier than it was when I had them 16-17 years ago. You don't have to go every single month for tightenings... it's more like 6-8 weeks, he told me. They are made differently now so that it's the least amount of pressure needed to move the teeth. Back then, they were tightened as tight as the could get them. LOL!

The total cost for her braces is $5,370.00, with my insurance paying a measly $1,000. Bringing the total down to $4,370 with a monthly payment of $150, after an $800 down payment. What's funny though is that the financial lady said, "If you pay it all up front, he gives you a discount of $437.00." I was dying laughing cause that brought the total down to $3,933.00. Yeah, I have that lying around. I'd be happy to fork it all over to you right now! LOL!! I told her, "Yeah, that ain't happenin'!"

Anyway, looks like I'll be in debt to the orthodontist for many years to come. Not only will it be 2 yrs for my oldest, but then it'll be time for the middle to get her's when the oldest is paid off. Then, a few years later it will be time for the youngest. Awwww, the life of a parent. LOL!