Friday, October 17, 2008

Let the weekend begin!

Woohoo! It's finally Friday. This has been one long, dragging week for me. You'd think that I'd enjoy it because as soon as Halloween hits, my life will move into uproaring, crazy busy mode. LOL!

As a little notice: The website will be down for about an hour on October 24th, sometime between the hours of 1am - 7am EST. Thought I'd throw that out there so no one wonders what's up. Since it'll be in the middle of the night, hopefully no one will notice. :-)

Okay, back to my schedule. Today has been cold, rainy, and dreary. I don't mind it for a day or two, but more than three days will start to get to me. So fingers crossed that it's only for a few days and Monday will bring the sun back into focus.

I don't have any plans for the weekend. The oldest thinks that it's boring to stay home all weekend, but we'll see what she says when she's in her 30's and a weekend home is appealing. LOL.

Today marks 2 weeks until Halloween, and the day that A Twilight Abduction officially releases. I'm very excited! The pre-orders have been wonderful and I hope that the orders after the release will be just as great, and more so!

Then on November 1st, the big book sale will start on my website. Buyers will be able to purchase all three of the Alex & Fiona books for one low price.

November 1st also marks the start of NaNoWriMo... National Novel Writing Month. I'll be participating in the NaNo contest again this year (50K words in 30days). Hopefully I'll win again like last year. :-)

November 19th is the day I'll be guest blogging on's blog, Coffee Thoughts.

Then throw in Thanksgiving Day! I'll be cooking and hosting the family Thanksgiving meal again this year, so that'll be a busy day with absolutely no writing time on the agenda. LOL

And all of that is just for November. December is almost as busy, and it leads right into January!

Now that I've rambled your eyes off with my insanity, I'll let you escape gracefully. Have a great weekend!!