Thursday, November 13, 2008

Coming along, slowly but surely.

I've been hard at work on "Time For Death" this week. My NaNo numbers are moving right along, and the story is as well. I'm about to start work on chapter 9 and there's already been more action than I should list (wouldn't want to give it all away). Just know that there's sex, murder, more sex, lust, suspense, blood, more sex... LOL!!

I'm really liking the direction the story has taken. I know what the ending will be (I always know the ending ahead of time), but I like to let the characters lead the way in getting to that ending. I never know which way they will go, who they will meet, or what they will enjoy until they let me know.

Liz has turned out to be one cocky gal that enjoys nail polish, high-heeled boots, corsets, sex, and isn't a skinny minnie. She's tall, curvy, and voluptuous... and loves it!

Okay, that's enough rambling about her.

Next week is my guest appearance on Coffee Thoughts. I'll be giving away a book sometime during the day. I hope that you'll all stop by. I'll post a reminder as the day draws closer.

I'm off. You all have a fantastic Thursday! I'll be here trying to reach 22,000 words. LOL!



  1. what is a "NaNo" number? And Liz sounds fun!

  2. It's my word count in the NaNoWriMo writing contest this month. You can find my count right here on the right column of the blog. :-)

    You have to get 50,000 words in 30 days. :-)