Saturday, November 15, 2008

Welcome to the weekend!

I love the weekend. There's no schedule. No getting up when it's still dark outside. No worries about getting somewhere late. I can just laze around, do the occasional load of laundry and make everyone eat sadwiches if I want.

The weekends are also great for catching up (or getting ahead) on my NaNo word count. When Tim is home, I can plug my ears up with my mp3 player and ignore everyone around me. The girls are forced to ask him all the stuff they usually ask me. He's also under strict instructions to ANSWER those questions so that they don't come stnd in front of me waiting for my eyes to drift up to theirs, meaning that it's time for them to mime whatever it is they want.

Today started out with a quiet house. The kids spent the night with my mom last night. Tim & I even did some Christmas shopping last night. YAY!

Before lunch, we had gone to buy dogfood, pickedup the kids, got some breakfast, I'd started laundry, started the dishwasher, started dinner in the crockpot (sweet & sour chicken), and wrote 1,000 words.

After lunch, we took a pair of Tim's pants to be exchanged for another size, washed another load of laundry, painted the last wall of the bedroom, worked on painting the window edges, and wrote another 1,000 words. Oh, and Tim put a 2nd coat of stain on the dresser drawers. Once they're dry that's it; it'll be finished. YAY!

Now it's dinnertime, everyone is scarfing down the chicken and rice, and I'm about to dry the 3rd load of laundry for today. I'll be working on the last 1,000 words for today here in a bit. Later on I'm going to watch a movie in my bed while Tim watches a Nascar race.

It's the weekend! I love the weekend. Tomorrow we'll have lunch with Tim's parents, go buy another pint of paint for the bedroom (2 gallons wasn't quite enough), put the last coat of paint on the last wall of the room, and move the dresser back into the bedroom. I'm sooooo ready to have my dresse back. I had having all my clothes piled up in a laundry basket. Then I'll write tomorrow's 3,000 words.

May seem insanely busy, but I feel that it's actually been a pretty mild Saturday. Anytime I'm not having to watch the clock is a good day.

I hope you're all having a fabulous day and will have a great Sunday. Back to work I go!


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