Monday, December 22, 2008

Christie's freezing!

The start of Christmas week has begun here in north Georgia with a temperature of 16 and wind chill of 4 degrees! ACK! It's cooooold here this morning.

Luckily there's no school for the girls so I got to stay bundled up warm in my fluffy bed. However, once I did climb out of bed my toes were awfully angry with me. LOL! The fire I'd built in the fireplace last night had gone out around 4am, so the house was down to 63 degrees (which is cold for me). I quickly rebuilt the fire and here it is an hour and a half later and we're finally up to a comfortable 72 degrees in here. YAY!

The girls are still bundled up under a quilt on the couch together. That'll be the only time you see all three of them sitting nicely together without fussing and fighting. LOL!

On a totally different note...

Tim finally conned me into letting him open his Xbox 360 over the weekend. He's soooo excited and says I'm the best wife in the world. LOL! He played for hours Saturday evening and several Sunday evening. I finally got it hooked up to the internet and set up the gold membership for it yesterday, too. Then he traded in several of his PS2 games to buy a couple of Xbox 360 games. He's loving it. And I'm loving that I can watch my Netflix instant play movies through the system instead of having to hook my laptop to the television. Yay me too!

I have a few errands to run today. I need to get a couple of things for the Christmas Eve party that I forgot about when I went grocery shopping Friday. I figure I better do it today because tomorrow will be hell for anyone doing any kind of shopping.

The girls are excited for the arrival of Santa and I'm excited to see their reactions to the Santa gifts. I did GOOOOOD this year for all of them. LOL!

I hope that you all have a fabulous Christmas!