Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christie is happy!

Yesterday my Annie returned to my lap. I was so anxious for her to load up so that I could see if my files were still there. The anticipation was horrid and her loading process seemed to take FOREVER (even though I know it never takes log).

After what seemed like 10 mins (it wasn't), the screen brightened and there on the background of colorful beach rocks sat the one file I had most wanted to see....

The manuscript for Time For Death!!!

Yep, all of my files are still right where I left them, fully intact. I was so filled with joy that I immediately grabbed the closest flash drive and copied the file (and it's accompanying notes file) right on over to it. That mess won't be happening to me again. No way! No how!


What was funny is that since my laptop had been out of commision for 10 days, all of my programs that regularly update themselves when wild as soon as it was connected to the internet. My antivirus, spyware, firewall, etc. all wanted to update at the same time. The Windows Defender was chastising me because there hadn't been a scan run for 10 days. GASP!! LMAO!

All is well now though. Annie is running smoothly. All of the programs have updated and ran their scans (soooo sorry Windows Defender). And I'm happy in the knowledge that my book hasn't been lost. As soon as Christmas is over I'll be back to work on Time For Death with a newfound urgency to get it finished. I love the story and can't wait to stand back and say, "Awww, even after all the trouble and scares, it's done!"

While I'm thinking about it, I must say that the Dell Support was superb during all of this. The people I spoke with, both online and over the phone, were so helpful, kind, and knowledgeable. And alk about fast! My laptop reached their repair facility on Tuesday and by Wednesday they'd shipped it back to me and it arrived home on Friday. Talk about quick!

Thank you Dell! I would have preferred that the motherboard NOT have gone out, but I'm so thankful that it was repaired so quickly. And I'll say it again... Thank goodness for warranties! LOL!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! I hope that Santa brings you everything that you deserve. Or at least a little of what you desire.