Monday, December 8, 2008

Nine days and counting....

The big girls only have nine days of school left before being let out for Christmas and New Year's. ACK! I'm not sure if I should be excited for Christmas, for the fact that the holidays are almost over, or if I should be terrified of the fact that all of the kids will be home for weeks. LOL!

I love the holiday season. Or maybe it's that I love the thought of the holiday season. However, this time of the year is so busy, so stressful, so, so... just SO! I definitely have more headaches during this time of the year, but I enjoy seeing the girls excited and happy. I like watching the lights twinkle on the Christmas tree late at night when there are no other lights on in the house. I like the smell of all the holiday goodies that we don't normally make any other time of the year.

With that said, come January 1st, I'm always soooooo happy that it's all over!

Between now and the end of January I have Christmas Eve Day (2 different family gatherings), Christmas Eve night with the kids, Christmas Day lunch (which I'll be preparing), my oldest daughter's 12th birthday on the 30th, New Year's, my birthday, and my youngest daughter's 4th birthday. December 18th is my mom's birthday, as well as the older girls' last day of school until next month.

Next month will also include the girls' 6 month dental checkup, yearly checkup at the pediatrician, and my oldest will be getting the braces we postponed from October.

Is it time for summer vacation yet??? LOL!

I just want to lock myself away in a room with nothing and no one except me and my laptop. Just for a day or two. Please? Can't I? Ah, come on! It's not fair! *Stomps foot childishly*

Well, alright then. I'll just go back to work, pop two more Excedrin Migraine pills, and get ready to go pick the girls up at school as my youngest throws a fit because she wants to watch Dora a little longer. Joy, joy!