Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a snow day

The girls are out of school again today. We ended up with like an inch of snow here north Georgia and that's a lot for here. LOL! School was cancelled and the girls have alrady spent the morning outside. They all came in with bright red cheeks, running noses, and frozen fingertips.

I didn't mind not having to get up early this morning. I knew that the snow would occupy the girls' attention today, and therefore keeping them out of my hair for a while. Right now the oldest is reading a book and the yonger two are making hot chocolate. I'm posting this blog entry and watching/listening to a movie called "Meet Bill."

My new Verizon phones will be arriving via Fedex sometime today. Hopefully the Fedex guy will show up soon so I don't have to wait around all day for him. I always have he same guy each time and he's been out here a lot in the last month... especially when I was dealing with my laptop being sent for repairs. He's a super nice guy and looks pretty young. Always so polite and soft spoken.

Anyway, that's my ramblings for today. Here are some snow pictures from this morning. :-)

I live in the woods. :-)

This is the snow angel that my 8 year old daughter decided to make on the front deck. LOL!


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