Monday, February 2, 2009

An exciting week ahead!

Usually I'm pretty blah on Mondays. Not this week! This is going to be one exciting week for me.

First off, let me say that my February contest on has gone live. You can check it out and enter by visiting . Just scroll down to my name and get to it! :-) Good luck to all who enter.

While that's fun all on its own, that's not why I'm in such a good mood on a dreary Monday morning.

We all know that Valentine's Day is next weekend. A day for lovers! I love Valentine's Day. Tim always brings me roses and we spend the evening together (when it's on a week day). However this year it falls on a weekend. Yay!

Soooo, this coming weekend we're going away all alone. Yes, I know it's a week early, but we didn't want to go when everyone would be going. Places are always crowded for Valentine's Day so we're going now.

We are heading over to a little Bed & Breakfast right outside Helen, GA. It's far enough to be "away" and close enough that we won't have to spend all day traveling. I have my mother lined up to take the girls and we'll be off.

We've never been to a bed & breakfast (well, technically it'll be bed & brunch), so we're really looking forward to it. Tim doesn't think we'll leave the room the whole weekend. Thankfully they have a nice resturant right there. We'll make reservations for a late dinner and late brunch and then see what happens. I'm guessing he's right though, and there won't be many public sightings of the two of us over the weekend. LOL!

I guess those of you who've read my books can now tell where the steamy sex scenes come from. LOL! I've been known to say that some of my fiction is based on actual reality, yet I won't say exactly what. LOL!

So I'm in an excellent mood today and plan to be in one all week. Tim is already texting me from work this morning talking about the upcoming weekend.

To friends and family who may call or text me this coming weekend... Don't expect me to answer the phone. ;-)

Now I'm off to see if I can get any actual work done on Time For Death today. Liz has certainly taken a backseat to the hubby lately. Yet knowing Liz the way I do, she totally understands!

Have a great week everyone!