Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday, Tuesday. I don't mind Tuesdays.

Good morning all! I hope you're having a good one. So far, so good here on the homefront. The girls are being very good this morning (though as soon as I say that I'm sure it'll change). Tim has already texted me sweet nothings a few times this morning. And the house is fairly clean. LOL!

I woke up to temps in the 20's yet again. I sure was hoping for Spring to arrive soon, and after the nice temps we've been having, this morning was a disappointment. At least the sun is shining brightly though! I'm a stickler for sunshine. It makes me feel good, happy, productive. Winter sucks even worse when it's always cloudy and dreary.

I've already gotten several things on my 'to-do' list for this week knocked out. I need to start sanding and painting in the diningroom though. Tim had to cut into the wall the other weekend to fix a shower problem in the girls' bathroom. What a mess that was, but he got it taken care of fairly quickly. He got the hole all fixed and puttied up this weekend, so now I need to sand and paint it.

I try to never plan for too much when the kids are home from school. My plans never seem to come to fruition if I do. LOL! So I just kind of go with the flow and see what happens.

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Okay, I'm out for now. I have work to do, a wall to paint, kids to send outside as soon as it's warm enough, and a hubby who keeps texting. LOL! Have a fabulous Tuesday!