Monday, February 16, 2009

You think you're hidden?

It amazes me the amount of people who think they are hidden behind their computer screen. That just because they may not have a webpage out there in the World Wide Web that no one will know it's them roaming around the net. Guess what? You aren't hidden! Far from it, as a matter of fact.

I currently have a blog stalker who really has no business stalking. That's okay though. This person isn't hurting a thing by simply reading my blog, or by visiting my husband's MySpace page. As long as it's only reading. However, if this person thinks I don't know they are here, well, I do.

I have a nice little stat counter on all of my sites that tells me how many visitors I have, where my visitors come from, and, well, many other little details. These things are nice to have, even if you never have a reason to use them other than as a pageview counter.

Ah yes, back to thinking you're hidden online....

Well, my blog stalker may think I don't know they're here, but I can tell you right now that I know every visit they've made. I know what time of day (I know you were here when I started writing this entry). I know which entries they've clicked on. I also know when they've clicked over to my husband's MySpace page. Oh, and there's a stat counter on his page, in case you just go straight there without hitting my blog first.

I know this person's internet provider. I know that they use IE 6. I know that they're computer runs WinXP. Oh, and I know that their computer monitor has a resolution of 800x600.

A simple Google search showed me this person's full name, age, mailing address, spouse's name and age, and even a phone number for the spouse.

You aren't hidden. Anyone out there can know these details about anyone else. It's common. Nearly all websites have a way to see what you're doing on their websites.

I don't generally track any of my visitors so thoroughly. It's only the ones that are annoying me or doing things they shouldn't be doing that will draw my attention enough to check out what's been going on.

Now, I've never tried to hide anything about myself. My life is an open book. I know what's out there on the net. Why try to hide when I know it's not possible? And I've always been open enough to set my email address out there for anyone and everyone to contact me anytime they feel the need to.

Feel free to keep reading Blog Stalker. But if you get to the point where you'd like to actually speak to me privately, just email me.