Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wanna Know Wednesday #3...

Yep, it's Wednesday yet again. It's the middle of the week with one more day of Tim's work week to go. I've been busy this week pulling together the ending of Time For Death. It's going well and I'm neary finished. YAY! I'm still confident that I'll be finished this week, just like I said I would be. :-)

Okay, so now I'll head right into this week's Wanna Know Wednesday. Here are ten more random facts about yours truely that you may, or may not, have wanted to know. :-)

  1. I love a good handbag and have several stored away in my closet. I change handbags on a fairly regular basis.
  2. I love watching LOST, but hate discussing and dissecting each episode. I try to stay away from the message boards on Thursdays because of all the analyzing of the show. I just wanna watch it and be done.
  3. I love fresh fruits and vegetables, but I hate growing my own. Though I do plant a garden every year.
  4. In five years my oldest daughter will be the same age I was when I married her father. Ack!!
  5. In 43 days I'll celebrate my 15th wedding anniversary. Another chance to go away for the weekend! Yay!
  6. I'm already on my 5th serving of water for the day. I usually aim for ten servings a day.
  7. I have about a dozen pieces of lingerie in my dresser drawer. That doesn't include stockings or accessories.
  8. I hate the look of glasses on myself, though Tim says he thinks I look hot in them. LOL!
  9. I've worn contacts since the age of 16.
  10. I'm planning to have a very productive writing day and better get started right now. :-)

Have a great day everyone!

Before I forget, this is entry #301 on my blog!! As always, I missed the 300 entry mark yesterday. LOL!