Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Morning

Good morning all. It's finally Friday. Yay for the weekend!

Today is my errand day. However, I didn't have a lot to do and we were finished and back home by 8:30am this morning. Of course we also didn't go to the next town over for a bank visit and a trip to Wal-mart. LOL! We just stayed ver here and hit the local Bi-Lo and CVS, then back home. Now I have the rest of the day to laze around with Tim and wish for sunshine.

It's another rainy, gloomy day here. I'd like some sunshine, but this does make for a good lazy day. Gloomy days are only good for curling up in bed with the one you love. Or possibly for getting some writing done. LOL! Nonetheless, right now I'm chilly and am preferring the bed option.

It looks like this weekend will be filled with days inside as well. Even if the rain stops it'll just be too wet to do anything out there. Things are flooding and the ground is so sloppy. Yuck!

Our oldest daughter is having a sleepover here tomorrow night. That's always fun (NOT). I already have a house full of screaming girls and then she goes and adds more. LOL! Blah! I'll let them make some homemade pizzas and then send them off to do preteen girlie stuff in her bedroom. She has movie watching and nail painting planned.... nothing that'll require my attention. Yay!

I'm planning to finish the Character Dictionary on my website for the Alex & Fiona series this weekend. And my monthly newsletter goes out next Wednesday, so I have to make sure it's ready. I have several articles that are requiring my attention, and Liz is bugging me about doing to edits for Time For Death. Come on Liz, give a girl a break! Sheesh, she's such a bossy bitch! LOL.

Okay, I'm cold, so I'm headed to the bedroom. I hope you're all having a much drier day than I am!