Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Tuesday morning, maybe?

*Yawn* I'm tired this morning. The weekend is finally catching up with me. Although that hasn't stopped me from being busy as soon as I got dressed this morning.

I've already taken the kids to school, fed the youngest, had some toast myself, washed one load of laundry, and even handwashed one of my lingerie outfits. And it's not even 8 am yet.

Yesterday was pretty productive as well. I ended up doing all the normal household chores, but also found the time to sew my youngest daughter a new skirt and myself a top. Then I made chicken and homemade buns for BBQ Chicken Sandwiches. It was yummy. I still need to work on skirts for the older girls, but they haven't decided on what colors they want yet, so they're on hold until then.

I haven't decided what all will happen today. Apparently Tim has an idea of what will happen tonight as he's already texting me naughty inuendos. LOL! It's never too early for that stuff, is it? LOL.

Today isn't as planned out as yesterday was. My "to-do" list has been knocked down several notches since I finished so much yesterday. Looks like today will be spent with my fingers glued to the keyboard of my laptop. I should be able to get a couple of articles done... as long as the youngest doesn't decide that it's a good day to pester mommy all day, and nothing out of the ordinary pops up.

Okay, I'm out for now. Off to get some work done and enjoy the constant texts from the man. He's apparently in a "mood" this morning. LOL!

Have a great day.