Monday, March 30, 2009

Monopoly for everyone!

Good morning everyone. It's Monday again. I hope that you spent your weekend the best possible way. No work, only play! :-)

I had a nice day yesterday. The rain subsided (even though it was still very overcast), and once all the sleepover guests went home, it was a very peaceful day. We visited with the in-laws for a while and then came home.

I got some work done, finally watched the Twilight movie that's been sitting here from Netflix for a week, or so, and then spent the rest of my day with the family. Then after the kids went to bed, Tim asked me to play a game of Monopoly with him. We hadn't played in a while, so we di last night. We played for two hours before I finally beat him. LOL! I owned half the board and he was broke. LOL!

As for today, well it's suppose to be partly cloud, but no rain. I can only hope that's true. The rain sucks! I'm planning to get some writing done and hoping to hear about a job position I applied for last week. No, I'm not leaving the home. It's an online writer's job that many people want, but only one will get. Fingers crossed! It's good money and not a lot of work.

Well, I better be off. I have to take the big girls to school in a few minutes, then come back home and get to work. Breakfast, workout, laundry, writing, childcare, etc. Always busy, busy.

Have a fantastic day!


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