Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday's Color Tones

Since I was talking about painting my nails last week, this week I'm going to list my top ten favorite nail polish colors in my collection.

I love nail polish, and it's one of the cheapest ways to add flair to your day. I'm not one to just stick to shades of pinks though I do have several different shades of pink). I enjoy purples, blues, black, all kinds of reds, browns, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

I don't usually go for the expensive bottles of polish. I change my mind so often, and buy so many, that it wouldn't be feasible to buy the expensive ones. So I usually stick to the Bon Bons and Petites (unless a more expensive one just REALLY catches my eye). They are just the right size to use up a bottle before it dries out and cheap enough that I can buy a new one every week if I want to.

My newest is one from Petites and it's called Crimson Pearl. I was looking and spotted it. When I picked it up I knew right away that it was a perfect match for my new red shoes. LOL! And it is! I have it one my fingers and toes right this minute.

  1. Crimson Pearl -- Petites
  2. Purple Potion -- Sally Hansen
  3. Frosted Ice Jamacia Me Crazy -- Pure Ice A dark purple shade
  4. Black Out -- Sally Hansen
  5. Purple Pleasure -- Revlon
  6. Action -- Petites A coral color
  7. Hot Pink -- Bon Bons I recently ran out of this one :-(
  8. Dare -- Petites A metallic blue color
  9. Frosted Ice New Lilac -- Pure Ice
  10. Hot Pink -- Sally Hansen

These are only half of the bottles I have sitting here right now. That doesn't count the ones I've used up and thrown out. I love all colors, with the exception of greens and yellows. I tend to like the ones that only take two coats to look good. If it's so light that it needs more than two, then I typically won't use it very often. I think I'll do either Dare or New Lilac next week sometime. I usually change colors about every week or every other week, depending upon my mood and how busy I am.

Okay, that's it for today. It's Tim's last day of work this week. Next week he goes down to three days a week. So he'll be off on Thursdays as well. Hopefully the cut in hours won't last long, but we'll pull through if it does. At least it'll give him more time to do some things he's been wanting to do, but never had the time for.

Til next time!