Saturday, March 14, 2009

You can link to Christie's Thoughts now!

My wonderful friend Mis (yes, the one I posted about last week) has created some gorgeous graphic buttons for the blog here. I only needed one, but she never goes with just one. LOL! So we now have three gorgeous buttons for anyone to use if they'd like to link to my blog here.
You'll find my favorite one over at the top of the left column. The code for you to use is right under it.
Here are the other two as well, in case you'd like them instead. :-)

Feel free to use which ever one you'd like (or all three) on your own blog, website, MySpace... where ever. :-)

Today has been a dreary one. It's cool and rainy. Totally the opposite of the gorgeous weekend we had last week. Looks like it'll be this way for like the next week, or so. I can handle it as long as it doesn't stay around longer than that. I was loving not having the heat on and being able to sleep with the windows open and hanging laundry outside. Come on Spring! I'm ready to start planting my garden and spending days outside all the time.

Our middle daughter is getting over a cold this weekend. She's been coughing and sniffling for days and the meds I was giving her weren't helping. So I changed her meds yesterday and today she's feeling much better. Yay! I get tired of hearing sniffling all the time. LOL.

The youngest is not happy about being cooped up in the house today. She's an outside girl and hates rainy days as much as I do.

The oldest has a sleepover to go to tonight. She's all excited and I've used it to get some actual housework out of her as leverage. LOL! Any good mom should know how to use a party against their child. It definitely helps to get their chores done faster and with less whining about them. LOL.

I've spent the morning doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning my bedroom, reorganizing my closet, and spending time with the family. Tim cooked breakfast for us this morning too. I'm not a morning person, and when I was pregnant I couldn't stand the sight of breakfast foods, so Tim started being the breakfast cook years ago. He does a good job too.

Oh, speaking of my hubby. Yesterday the new Resident Evil 5 video game released and he just HAD to have it. LOL. The poor guy has been waiting and waiting for that day, so how could I say no? I did, however, negotiate for a foot AND back massage in exchange for the $60 to buy the video game. I think I won big time on that deal! LOL! Plus, if he beats it as fast as he did the last game he bought, then we'll be able to take it back to Gamestop for a refund (they do that if you beat it within a week).

Well, the youngest is begging for lunch, so I better get to that before the tantrums begin. I hope you're all having a sunny Saturday! :-)