Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wanna Know Wednesday #7...

Morning all. It's Hump Day again. This week has gone by quickly for me. With Tim only working three days, and my sister keeping me so busy, this week has gone whoosh!

Today I'm off on an early trip to visit a caterer with my sister and mom. Hopefully that won't last too long. Tim and didn't have a big wedding. Heck, we planned it in a week over Spring Break, got married on Saturday, and went back to school the next week. LOL!

Okay, so it's time for Wanna Know Wednesday. This is the 7th week, and I'm wondering what I haven't already told you about myself. Hmmm....

How about a wedding day theme since that's what I'm dealing with right now? :-)

  1. It was super windy on my wedding day.
  2. We had our wedding on my parents' front lawn.
  3. I wore a flowery dress from Goodies.
  4. Tim's wedding band was dropped down an A/C register before the ceremony.
  5. A friend from Subway made us a HUGE sandwich platter for the reception.
  6. The reception was held inside my parents' house.
  7. It was a small wedding, but there were a lot more people than I had expected.
  8. I will share a picture of the two of us on our wedding day when our anniversary rolls around in two weeks. :-)
  9. I would sneak peeks of Tim when no one was looking. He was chain smoking bad that day. LOL! Nerves, maybe?
  10. We had a chocolate wedding cake. Not white chocolate, but milk chocolate! It was gorgeous.

There you have it. We had a small wedding, but a very nice one. Sometimes I wish we'd had a big production of a wedding like my sister is planning, but that usually subsides fairly quickly when she starts talking about the cost of hers. LOL!

I'm off to take the girls to school and meet up with my sister and mom. Fingers crossed that I make it back before lunch so that I can get some work done.


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