Friday, April 10, 2009

Good morning. Yes, we're still out of town.

Good morning all. How's it going? It's finally Friday, I see! I'm sitting here in a semi-dark hotel room listening to the youngest watching Mickey Mouse on Disney. The oldest is still sleeping and the middle is watching Disney (but only because she HAS to, LOL).

Tim and I have had a great time celebrating our anniversary so far. We made it here at 3pm yesterday, took a couple of hours to rest (I was plagued with a major migraine all day yesterday), and then we took a drive before taking the kids to the indoor pool. We were at the pool for almost 4 hours. Ack! Talk about waterlogged. LOL! Luckily they have a hot tub there too so I spent some time in there to help ease my head. It worked.

Today, the radar says rain is suppose to start making its way in, and my weather thingy in the bottom right-hand corner keeps thundering at me. LOL! Hopefully it will come through quickly and get on out of here. If not, I guess we'll be spending today in the pool or off at some indoor arcade for the kids. You never know with us.

Okay, I better go. I need to take a shower, get the kids dressed, and then we'll head downstairs to the breakfast buffet here in the hotel. They have a great one! It definitely saves on money when you're feeding three kids and a man who can eat a full day of food in one sitting. LOL! I swear I don't know where any of them put it. LOL.

Have a great Friday and maybe I'll have some pics to share tomorrow. :-)