Monday, April 6, 2009

It's Spring Break!

Good morning all. It's Monday again, and it's a week off of school for my girls for Spring Break. Unfortunately it looks like they won't be enjoying any Spring temps around here. It was lovely Saturday and Sunday, but this week is suppose to bring lower temps and even a possibility of SNOW! Noooooo!!! Winter is over!! Go away!!

Luckily it looks like the lower temps are only here for today and tomorrow. Things should start warming back up on Wednesday. *Fingers Crossed*

Anyway, today I have to take the oldest to have her bottom braces put on. It has been 8 weeks since the tops were put on, and she did a fantastic job with them. Hopefully the bottoms will be just as easy on her.

I have a few other errands to run while we're out of the house today. After that, I plan to be home the rest of the week. I have a set amount of writing work planned for this week--since I won't have interruptions from going back and forth to school--and my regular to-do list to work through. Plus with the older girls home to entertain the 4 yr old, I should be able to get it all done.

THEN... Thursday is my 15th wedding anniversary. Tim will be home to celebrate with me allllllllll day long. Woohoo! On Friday we will be heading out of town for the weekend; we'll return late Sunday. We're looking forward to it!

Sooooo, today is actually the only day that we have to get up early, and that's only because the ortho appointment is at 9am (and it's a 30 minute drive). Therefore, I'm off to wrangle the girls into the van and head out. I hope you all have a great Monday and that your weather still looks/feels like Spring! :-)