Monday, April 13, 2009

A stormy Monday morning.

Good morning all. It's nearly 10am and I'm just now able to get online. The power has been out since before 5am this morning. I awoke just in time to get the girls up and ready for school. Thank goodness for a mom's internal clock.

Well, we made it home from our trip yesterday. We had a great time and both Tim and I thought those four days went by slowly. Which was nice because usually his days off speed by so fast that it doesn't feel like we had any time together. We did a lot while we were away and had so much fun. I was completely water logged by Sunday from all the time that we spent in the pool and hot tub. We were in the water so much that I didn't bother to put a bit of makeup on during the entire trip. There was no point in it. LOL!

Well, I better go get some work done. Since the power was out, I wasn't able to get any of the housework done (laundry, vacuum, dishwasher, etc.) and must do them now. Luckily I was able to take the big girls to school, eve though the power was out there, but who knows how long they will stay before calling me to pick them up. Gotta get as much done around here as possible before that happens.

Have a great day!