Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A wet Tuesday, but less stormy than Monday.

Good morning! I'm so happy that I woke up with electricity this morning. LOL! I makes for a much more simple start to the day when I'm able to follow through with my regular routine. I'm glad the winds died down, and today it's just wet outside, yet not raining. Here's hoping for some sunny days soon.

Soooo, I have nothing special planned for today. It's just another day around here. It seems Tim has picked up the cold that I had Sunday. Wonder how that happened? Hmm.... ;-) He'll want to be babied when he comes home from work tonight. I'm planning to make him a meatloaf for dinner. It's not one of my favorite meals, but he likes it, and I'll fix it for the baby. In a little over two weeks he'll really be whining. It'll be vasectomy time!! It was suppose to be next week, but the urologist had to reschedule for a week later. It's almost time! Woohoo! *Giggle*

Today I'll be working on a few articles and once their done I'm hoping to have time to work on the erotic romance that I started last week. I'll have to see how fast the articles go first, and how well the four year old can entertain herself today. It's difficult to write sex scenes when a 4yr old is interrupting you. I just can't stay "in the mood" when that happens. Who's in the mood for a little S&M? LOL!

What's up with Time For Death, you may ask? Well, Liz is still being a bitch and rejecting all of my editing efforts for the story. That's why I put her in time out and started working with Sabrina and Joshua. That'll teach Liz to be so pissy all the time. Sheesh! If she wants her story completed then she needs to be a little more cooperative. Damn! Hopefully a little time apart will make her appreciate me more and then we'll get it knocked out together. Until then, she needs to just think about how she's been acting! LOL!

Yes, I always talk about my characters like real people. They HAVE to be real to me in order for their stories to come out the way I want them to. So, yes, I will always talk about them as if they are real-life people, because they are to me!

Anyway, enough rambling for now. I'm off to see what Tim is texting me, finish the laundry, and then get to work on some writing. I hope you have a magnificent Tuesday! :-)