Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Three more days.

It's coming down to the wire now. Only three more days until the big V. I picked up Tim's prescriptions yesterday that we have to take with us to the appointment. I went expecting just a valium, yet they'd also called in a pain med and antibiotics. Hopefully he won't need pain meds (and he's not expecting to need them), but at least he'll have them if the need arises.

He has it in his head that he'll be feeling in tip-top shape on Saturday--and I certainly hope he is--but I'm making plans and preparations for him to be down all weekend. His plans will have to be put on hold, I do believe. LOL!

I don't know how many of you checked out the vasectomy cakes link that I posted a while back. I found those sooooo funny! I'd even joked around with Tim about ordering one for him. LOL! It ws a joke, but I may just do it anyway. I've been thinking for a week, just trying to come up with something witty to put on a cake. So far I came up with two sayings, but I like this one best....

"Thanks for turning them off so we can get it on!!"

LMAO! Tim found it quite funny when I told him last night. LOL!

Okay, so I better get going. I have a lot work to do today. I haven't even started the laundry yet. Ack!

Have a great day!