Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wanna Know Wednesday #12

Good morning all! I hope that you're having a fabulous Hump Day morn. :-) My morning has been much better than yesterday morning was. Whew! I'm glad too.

I swear, it's a terrible thing when you have to call in an attempt to refinance a mortgage. I swear it's like a national security issue when you need to do anything like that. However, I spent 2 hrs on the phone yesterday to do just that. Ugh! It's ridiculous.

Oh, I also hate having to call the cable company. What is it with all the automated phone systems? I don't mind the push-button ones so much, but the ones you're suppose to talk to.... UGH! I hate those things!! "What's your name?" "Christie." "Did you say Pickle Relish?" LMAO! I hate that shit.

Days like that just ruin my mood. Luckily, Tim knows how to improve my demeanor. He can always make me laugh no matter what my mood. Last night he even surprised me with the revelation that he wants to renew our wedding vows on a beach somewhere in the Keys. *Shock* He was even looking online last night for information and showing me possible venues. It was quite shocking. He said he'd been thinking about it for a while. It won't happen anytime soon, but it's such a loving gesture from my man.

Anyway, since it's Wednesday, here's today's issue of Wanna Know Wednesday. The topic for this one is..........

10 of My Favorite Cuss Words!

Yep, close your eyes and turn away if you're big on not cussing cause this gal definitely uses them on ocassion! LOL!

  1. FUCK -- I use this one often, especially in stories. This one is the sex one.
  2. SHIT -- This is used when frustrated.
  3. DAMN -- I use this one like shit. LOL!
  4. BITCH -- This one isn't hard to figure out.
  5. BASTARD -- This one is usually combined with damn. LOL!
  6. MOTHERFUCKER -- Yes, I consider this a separate cuss word from #1.
  7. SON OF A BITCH -- This one is used toward certain people and a form of frustration.
  8. ASS -- This is what I call Tim when he's being, well, an ASS. LOL!
  9. WHAT THE FUCK? -- This one should be easy. It's used when wondering, well, what the fuck? LOL!
  10. Well damn, I thought I had 10, but it seems I can't think of anymore. LOL!

Okay, you can look again! ;-) Now that I've soiled your minds with nasty, dirty words, I guess it's time to get to work for the day. The laundry is going, and the youngest is having breakfast. I have an article to finish and another to begin. Remember to check out my AC articles, as a new one was published last night. I'm inching closer and closer to the 1 million pageviews mark, too! Yay!

See you tomorrow! Oh, and... Only 2 more days!! Woohoo!! LOL.