Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday.

Yep, that's what I said... It's Thursday. I had a late night last night. Tim and I went to bed at a reasonable hour, yet we ended up talking and laughing in bed for over an hour after that. No,we weren't doing that (we'd already done that earlier, lol), it was just a bunch of chatting and laughing over some stupid people from his work. All in all, it was fun to not be interrupted and to have an actual conversation with my man that lasted longer than five minutes. LOL.

Nevertheless, I woke up a bit more tired than usual this morning because of our late night talk session. Tim is off work today, so he hung out in bed for another hour after I'd already gotten the big girls up. He crawled out of bed just in time to be up with the youngest as I took the other two to school.

Ooohhh, guess what! We have sunshine today!! Woohoo! Beautiful blue skies and bright rays of sunshine! With the way my house sits, the sun shines in all the windows on the backside of the house in the mornings and the front side of the house in the evenings. Makes for me never having to turn on a light until darkness falls when we have these bright days. I love it! Now if only those temps could get up and out of the 40's. I know, I know, I'm sooooo demanding. LOL!

I'm looking forward to warmer days, lounging by the pool, hanging out in the backyard at night by the glow of our lanterns and firepit. There's only a little more than a month until the big girls are out of school for the summer. Usually it's hot by then, so we'll see what happens. I'm sure that one morning I'll wake up and the summer heat will be here in full force and we'll be wondering where Spring ran off to.

Okay, I better get off here. I have some errands to run, a dog to feed, and a load or two of laundry to do. Tim is playing his Xbox, and it keeps distracting me, so this took a lot longer to write than usual. I doubt I'll be getting much writing work done today. :-)

Have a great one!