Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wanna Know Wednesday #10...

Soooo, welcome to another episode of Hump Day. Yep, it's Wednesday again. Wasn't it just Wednesday, like, a week ago? LOL.

Today is Tim's last day of work this week. His work weeks go really fast now that he's down to three days. Our youngest woke up this morning asking where her daddy is. When I told her that he was at work, she stomped her foot and yelled, "NO! I want it to be Friday!" She doesn't quite understand that he's home on Thursdays now, too. LOL. She is a true daddy's girl.

I managed to finish a SAHM article yesterday and start another one before the girls were home from school. However, I never got to my erotic romance story. Makes me sad, but I'll get to it. I plan to get that other article finished today and set up another one for tomorrow. I've been slacking on the article writing in favor of my book writing, so now I have a lot of articles to get completed before the desire is gone again.

I have to be in the mood to work on articles. One week I may be all gung-ho and crank out article after article. Then, the next week I find them so boring that I can't even entertain the idea of writing an article. Those are the weeks when the excitement of story-writing draws me in.

Oh yeah, it's also Wanna Know Wednesday, isn't it? I almost forgot. So here is your list of complete randomness about lil ole me. :-)
  1. I am currently listening to the movie War, Inc. in the background.
  2. I love, love, love the Xbox I bought Tim for Christmas. Mainly because it's so easy to watch my Netflix Instant Play Queue whenever I want.
  3. I have a candle burning next to me that smells soooooo good. It's called Pink Sugar and was a Christmas gift from my friend, Mis.
  4. I'll be making a Tuna Casserole for dinner tonight.
  5. I need to clean my refrigerator. Sometime, maybe...
  6. I'm currently wondering if Spring will ever decide to warm up, or if I'll just wake up to Summer one morning.
  7. Tim's vasectomy is two weeks from tomorrow. Oh, I already mentioned that yesterday? Well, I'm excited! Can't you tell?? LOL!
  8. I'm currently waiting for the bank to call me about refinancing our mortgage. It'll knock our payments almost in half AND knock 2 yrs off of it. I just don't know why it takes soooo long to get stuff like this done. Sheesh!
  9. I love the smell of fresh coffee, but can't stand the taste. I don't care how much sugar, or cream, or milk, or whatever you put in it, I can't stand the taste.
  10. I need freshen up my hair color. This red isn't natural, you know. LOL!

Anyway, I'm off to get some work done. I hope you have a nice Wednesday. :-)