Monday, April 20, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

Wlcome to yet another Monday morning. I slept last night to the sound of a lot of rain outside, but it stayed warm enough for me to keep the bedroom window open. However, this morning it's very, very wet out there. Looks like some blue sky is starting to peek through the trees though. Yay!

According to the weather program here on the laptop, the rest of the week will be gorgeous and warm. Woohoo! I love sunny and warm days.

So, have you noticed the new countdown ticker above? I'm sure you couldn't miss it. LOL! Tim and I were joking around yesterday about counting down the days and I threatened to put a ticker on our Google homepage. He said, "I figured you'd put one on your blog." Sooooo, I did! LOL! He thinks it's quite funny, but he's looking forward to the "after" as much as I am. ;-)

It's no wonder the "love" scenes in my books are so steamy!!!

Anyway, this morning I'm working on more laundry. I need to vaccuum the carpet. I have an article and two books to work on. It's always busy in my world. LOL.

Tim's birthday yesterday turned out really well. We had a good day, even with the rain, and Tim had a good time. We capped off the day with some nice alone time before passing out to the sound of rain. Before we drifted off he said, "You're the best wife in the world." To which I replied, "I know!" LMAO! At least I know he had a great 33rd birthday, and apparently I was the the best wife in the world during it. ;-)

Okay, I better get busy. Tim is texting me and the dryer is about to stop, so enjoy your Monday to the best of your ability. Have a great week.