Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy 33rd Birthday, Baby!

Today is my dear hubby's 33rd birthday!!!

Friday night the girls went to my mom's house, so Tim and I grilled out steaks and made baked potatoes, and drank a lot of alcohol. LOL! We had a great time! We didn't go to bed until after midnight that night. I was quite tipsy, to say the least.

Then yesterday Tim decided that it was a great work-around-the-house day. He was sooooo busy. He worked on the laundryroom floor (a dog we use to have actually tried to dig his way out of the back door), fixed a loose railing on the front porch, and even changed the brakes on my van (YAY!!). He was on busy guy.

I, on the other hand, spent most of yesterday doing six loads of laundry, nursing a headache (no, not alcohol related. LOL!), and helping Tim whenever he needed me to. We later had to go out because the youngest had left her toothbrush at Mom's house and Tim wanted more Corona's from the liquor store.

Oh, and I made my loving man his birthday cake. He wanted it yesterday instead of today. :-)

Today, we'll be off to visit the in-laws and have lunch with them. We'll go out for lunch most likely because they always take us out for our birthdays. Who knows where that'll be. Hopefully somewhere that I can get a good salad though.

Anyway, it's raining today, but we've had a few gorgeous days so I can forgive Mother Nature for today. Nonetheless, it's my baby's birthday so.....

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