Thursday, May 28, 2009

The first day of summer break!

Welcome to the first day of my summer break! The girls are now out of school until August or September (the school system is considering a month later than usual for next school year, but haven't made the official announcement yet, lol). The youngest let me sleep until 7:30am and I didn't crawl out of bed until 8am.

The older girls are actually still asleep right now and it's 20 'til 9. Wish they'd sleep like that all the time. LOL!

I don't plan on doing much today. I'm currently watching "New in Town" and working online. Around lunchtime I have to run out for an errand and to get the mail. I might take the girls for icecreams while we're out too.

Well, the midde daughter came home last Friday sick with a fever. That lasted through Saturday and by Sunday she was better. Then the youngest got the same thing with fever and vomiting on Tuesday, through Wednesday, and is all better today. Now the oldest started coming down with the fever yesterday afternoon. So she will be sick today and *should* be all better tomorrow. Sheesh! Fingers crossed that Tim & I don't get it.

Poor Tim had to go to work today. Thursdays are usually an off day, but they ae working to make up for being off Monday. At least he'll have an extra 8 hours on the paycheck next week for the holiday. He's hoping to buy himself a new, bigger grill with the extra cash. LOL.

Well, I guess I'll get back to the movie and enjoy our first day of summer break. Hopefully soon it'll be warm enough to enjoy the pool and then it'll really feel like summer. THEN our beach vacation!! Woohoo!!