Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Good afternoon everyone. Are you having a nice Memorial Day? Any big celebrations going on where you are?

We have been sooooo busy around here during this long weekend. We wanted to get the pool opened up this weekend, but before that Tim wanted to take some trees down that don't allow as much sunshine onto the water. Therefore, it takes much longer for the water to warm up and become comfortable. Sooooo, Thursday, Friday, and a little on Saturday we were cutting trees and cleaning them up. We added to our firewood stack for the fireplace. LOL.

Then yesterday we finally got the pool all ready! Yay! I love our pool. I love being able to just go outside the back door and jump right in. I love that I can send the older kids out there and the will stay outside for HOURS at a time. I love watching the 4year old swim around and around all by herself. It's so much fun. Maybe one of these days I'll have a bigger, in-ground pool, but for now we will just enjoy what we have. :-)

I think we've been outside so much this weekend that the bugs have stopped biting us. LOL. I have some nice boob tan lines going on and Tim has a line across the back of his neck from his necklace. It's been fun and we got so much accomplished.

Today we're just hanging out. We got a new solar cover for the pool and put it on today. It's *suppose* to warm it up to 8 degrees more than just the sunshine. Hopefully that will help right along with the trees being down now.

Later this evening Tim is going to grill out hamburgers and hotdogs. I think my sister and her man are coming over at some point today, as well. Basically we don't have any plans at all today. It's nice.

Then the weekend will be over and the big girls will finish off the last two days of the school year. Wednesday is their last day and then summer break! I get to sleep late for a couple of months! Woohoo!

All right, that's it for today. Back to the family and the gorgeous day outside. I hope that you're having a glorious Memorial Day. :-)