Friday, May 1, 2009

It's all over now.

Whew! Today is finally coming to an end. And boy, has it been a long one.

So Tim's appointment was suppose to be at 10am this morning, but the office called yesterday and wanted him there at 9:30am instead. So we headed out a little earlier and got there at 9:20.

Tim took his valium and they let it kick in nicely. Well, the next thing we knew it was 10:20 and I was asking WTF? I told the office girl that we have a schedule and kids, so when would we be getting to the procedure. Apparently the patient before Tim had gone overschedule unexpectantly and it was putting the doctor behind. However, it wasn't but another 8 mins, or so, before Tim was called back.

Thirty minutes later, Tim came wobbling out and said, "It's done!" LOL.

He was feeling fairly well on the drive home. We picked up the youngest and then grabbed some lunch to take home with us. By the time we made it home Tim was asking for his pain meds. Poor guy. He's doing well, and I do believe his pain is pretty minimal for the most part, but tomorrow he'll most likely be very sore.

When we first got home he just had to show me the incisions. LOL. They are very tiny and looked good and clean. I'm sure they will heal quickly and he'll be feeling tons better by the time Monday rolls around.

Anyway, that's it for today. I'm off to give him another dose of pain meds and see what he wants to eat for dinner. My mom came and got the girls for the night, so it's quiet at the moment. Unfortunately, there won't be any "playing" for us tonight. LOL! Poor guy.