Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good morning. It's Thursday again.

Morning ladies and gents! I hope you're having a peaceful day thus far. Mine is pretty decent, though busy as always. Tim ended up having to work today, so it's just the 4 year old and me here today.

Yesterday I finally got my garden planted. Tim and I worked on it all last weekend, and I was just waiting to find to time to do that actual planting. I wasn't feeling too well yesterday (damn pollen), but I wanted to get it finished, so the girls and I went out and did it. Now we just wait until the little sprouts start popping through. We planted corn, green beans, leaf lettuce, carrots, grape tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, and onions. I still need to do the potatoes and beets, but the garden plot is full now and I don't know where I'm going to put them. LOL. Leave it to me to fill up a garden before I'm done planting!

This morning I've already washed two loads of laundry, started the dishwasher, fed the little one, written and submitted an article, watched last week's Dollhouse episode, watched last night's Lost episode, and have been texting with Tim. And it's not even 8:30am yet. It's been busy, and I still have to work on more writing while listening to the youngest begging for something to eat even though she just finished her breakfast.

Sooooo, tomorrow is the big day. Tim is ready to get it over with as the anticipation is probably far worse than the actual procedure will be. I should probably get some groceries today since I won't be leaving his side tomorrow for more than just long enough to pick the girls up at school tomorrow. Even then I'll probably just get them from the office instead of waiting in the pick-up line, making it only about 15 minutes that he'll be home alone.

He thinks I'm over-planning, but that's the way I am. I'm big on making plans, schedules, lists, anything that keeps my plans in tidy order. I like to know what's to be expected, and I don't like unhappy surprises. Apparently the children are the same way because any little change in their normal routine can put them in a fierce mood. They are their mother's daughters. LOL.

Anyway, his appointment is tomorrow at 10am. We'll leave here about 8:30am in order to drop the youngest with my grandmother for the day. Then we have a 45 minute drive south to the office. We'll probably get there about 15 minutes early--I'm always early to appointments anyway--in case we have anymore paperwork to fill out, and to give enough time for his valium to kick in.

Then it's V-Time! ;-) It's suppose to take 15-30 minutes and he'll have a local, so he shouldn't feel a thing. Plus he won't care what they're doing with that valium in his system. LOL.

Nevertheless, I'll update tomorrow afternoon/evening when I have time.

I'm out for today. I hope you have a good one! :-)



  1. I LOVE that you are counting down to his vasectomy. My Tim continues to refuse {"I don't have time"} he says - ha! I'm determined to convince him in the end...

  2. Well, you know, they say that the sex is so much better afterwards. LOL! Hell, I have fantastic sex now, so I can't imagine afterwards. LOL!