Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monday, June 1st!

Morning! Welcome to the first day of June. Summer starts this month. Yay!

Today I was able to hang out in bed until 8am. Then Tim started texting me saying "Get up. It's not fair." LOL! I told him not to pout just because he's at work and I'm on Summer Break. LOL! Poor boy.

It's another gorgeous day outside this morning. The girls will be hitting the pool after lunch, so they should be nice and tired when bedtime rolls around this evening. I'm going to throw a roast in the crock-pot for dinner in a little bit. Tim won't be cooking this evening since he's working today. However, when he does get home the two of us will spend some time in the pool. By then the kids will be done with their time and all tired, so it'll be quiet for us. ;-)

I plan on having a peaceful day. We have no appointments or a schedule to keep. We aren't going anywhere at all today. I'm doing laundry, I've cleaned the kitchen, the girls have some rooms to clean and a few other chores to do, and I have writing to get done while they're in the pool.

We've had a little change of wedding plans.....

We decided to move the vow renewal ceremony from Key West, Florida to Tybee Island, Georgia. Many of you already know about our love for Tybee, so it seemed only natural that we'd want to have the vow renewal there. Tim says we'll go to Key West another time, just fr a vacation, but he agrees that Tybee is better for our renewal.

Not only that, but it's cheaper. LOL! I've found another great wedding coordinator for Tybee that I'll be working with. I can't wait for April 2011! It's going to be so much fun.

Okay, I better go. The washing machine has stopped and the youngest is apparently going through the kitchen junk drawer for no good reason. LOL!

Have great Monday and make the best of this brand new week!