Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Post #401

Good morning all! Welcome to Tuesday. I just realized that yesterday's entry was #400. Wow! Boy, that's a lot of Christie's Thoughts. LOL!

So today is the last day of June. The month went by very quickly. My monthly newsletter goes out tomorrow AND my July give-away starts tomorrow. If you haven't already checked out the details, pop over to the website and see if you'd like to try your hand at a chance to win an autographed mini-poster of A Midnight Infatuation. :-)

I was thinking about doing an entry about sex today, but decided to wait. Anyone on my Facebook friends list probably sees just how much Tim and I enjoy our time together. And I do mean ENJOY. I have a lot of fun just grossing out Tim's cousin, Heather. LOL! Sorry Heather, but you crack me up! LOL!

Tim and I seem to have a very UN-healthy sex life for being together for 16 years. Or though some think. I couldn't imagine us not being all over each other all the time. What fun is a marriage if you can't enjoy the person you're spending your life with? I guess that is odd for some after all these years, but for us it's a near daily occurrance (and a daily thought, lol). If it weren't for his job tiring him out on some days, it would be every day.

Okay, so this entry turned into a little bit of a sex post. Look away Mom! I'll warn you ahead of time when I post the actual entry I'm planning. LOL!

I'm off to run some errands and then my sister is coming for a visit today. I hope you have a good day and spend some time with the one you love the most. :-)