Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wanna Know Wednesday #19: Father's Day edition!

Morning all! Gosh, can you believe that it's Hump Day again? I like Wednesday for some reason.

Yesterday I managed to finish article #5 for the week, and start on #6. Today I will finish 6 and write 7. Then I'm done with articles for the week. Woohoo! That was my goal for the week and I'll definitely complete it today.

I have a few small errands to run this morning here locally. I won't be going more than five minutes away from home. LOL. No need to go further.

Okay, it's Wednesday, and since Father's Day is this coming Sunday, today is the Father's Day edition of my Wanna Know Wednesday. Here's the picture of Tim's apron I promised yesterday......

It was quite difficult to get four sets of hands on it, but we did it. The girls had a blast getting all messy with paint. LOL. Afterwards, they each painted a card for him too. It was a lot of fun and pretty messy. Luckily, everything dried and was put away before he made it home from work. And he even got off work early because he went in early. LOL.

Since this is the Father's Day edition, you will now find:

10 Things I Love About Tim
  1. He does anything and everything I ask him to do. No matter the reason.
  2. He cooks for me!! At least when it's warm, and when it's done on a grill. ;-)
  3. He loves me forever and always.
  4. He knows exactly what I need 90% of the time (I doubt any man could get 100%).
  5. He texts me all day long just to see if my day is going well.
  6. He tells me he loves me many, many times throughout the day.
  7. He knows how to make me laugh.
  8. He's a fantastic kisser. ;-)
  9. He pumps the gas anytime we're out, even if I'm driving.
  10. He hates to see me cry, and hates even more when it's because of something he can't fix.
  11. He is a wonderful father and does his best everyday making sure that our girls are safe, smart, cared for, and loved.

Yes, that was eleven, but I had to throw in that last one because, well, it is for Father's Day.

Okay, I'm out for today. I have things to do and money to make. :-) Have a great Wednesday!