Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Welcome to Tuesday

Good Tuesday morning all! How was your Monday? Hopefully your Tuesday will be even better. :-)

Let me start off by saying that after many days of back & forth with my web host, the forums are now fixed on my website. Well, the posting part of them is fixed. They still haven't fixed the problem with the bckground changing numerous times a day. Seriously, what's up with that ugly, blue, mechanical-looking background? I'm tired of changing it back over and over. Anyway, the posting works again, so come on by, join up, and post something! :-)

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For this week, I had a goal of writing 7. Yesterday I completed 3 1/2 articles, meaning that I only have 3 1/2 left to do now. Yay! I'll definitely finish up the second half of the fourth article today and hopefully get #5 done. Then just two more for tomorrow and DONE! I'm the kind of person who when they have a goal, stops at nothing to reach that goal. I can't help it, it HAS to be done. LOL.

Yesterday morning I took the oldest for an ortho adjustment. Her braces are doing well and she doesn't go back until August 24th for the next adjustment. They said she may get the rubberbands next time. When I had them, my friend and I use to use my rubberbands to flip across classrooms. LOL! Yes, I had a naughty streak, even back then. LOL!

After the ortho appointment, I took the girls to the library. It's fun taking them because they are always amazed at what a selection they hav to choose from. They never know where to begin. I'm glad they like reading as much as I do. They all came home with new books to enjoy.

Today we're going to work on Tim's Father's Day apron. I'll take a picture as soon as it's done and share in tomorrow's blog entry. Hopefully it'll turn out cute. I know he'll like it, and he has no idea what it is because he keeps trying to get me to tell him. LOL. He's not one for surprises. it's not that he doesn't like them. It's just that he's so impatient that he wants to know what it is NOW. LOL. Poor guy will just have to wait on this one. Hell, I let him open his Xbox a week before Christmas. He's out of luck this time. LOL!

Okay, I better get going. We need to start the apron so that it'll be dry enough to hide again when he gets home from work. And he'll be home an hour earlier today! Oh no!!

I'm out! Have a great Tuesday!