Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday, Friday, Friday.

Yay, it's Friday!

Okay, so I was expecting a lot more give-away entries this week than I received. Just because you've got all month doesn't mean you should wait until the last minute to enter. And you don't even have to get the answers right either! Just guess and you'll have an entry. How easy is that? Come on now. Enter and you could be the name I call at the end of the month. :-)

So Wednesday was a long, tiring day for me. I hadn't slept well the night before, and couldn't wait for Tim to get home and take care of me. I always relax better when he's home. The day ended beautifully and I slept soooooo good that night.

That day, Tim suggested that it was time for us to take another weekend trip. Just the two of us! So iI spent some time looking for a bed & breakfast that is closer than the one we went to back in February. I found one that's just minutes down the road that I didn't even know existed. I love the look of it and we'll definitely be visiting it in the future.

Thursday we woke up early (6:30am) because the dog was barking, barking, barking. Sheesh! Why do we have pets? I'm so not an animal person when it comes to barking dogs. Ugh! Luckily, I'd slept so well that I was actually okay with getting up at that time.

We all got dressed and decided to do our Friday errands today. In the process of doing so, it was decided that we wouldn't go away this weekend, but that the trip money would buy Tim a new, bigger grill. We do grill out a lot, so I'm not too sad about the change of plans. But I sure was looking forward to the weekend away with my man. Oh well, it was his idea, so it's okay. And he will make it up to me allllllll weekend. ;-)

Thursday ended with us just chilling out at home. Sure would've liked to have been packing instead, but it's okay.

Today we slept a bit later than yesterday. The youngest was up and at my bedside at 7am, but I didn't climb out of bed for another 45 minutes. LOL. Since we don't have to rush off today, I'm making breakfast this morning. I'm making waffles right now. Yum!

The girls have been asking to spend the night with Tim's parents, so we might actually get a night "away" tonight. Tim's already preparing to grill ribs this evening, but we made sure to have enough for the oldest to eat it with us too (the younger two aren't into much meat right now). I guess we'll have leftovers if they're gone tonight. We'll see...

I'd like to go for a drive in the mountains today; specifically to find that bed & breakfast for future reference. I'll let you know if we go. I don't know what Tim has planned for today though. You never know.

I guess that's it for now. I hope you all have a fabulous Friday, 4th of July, and entire weekend. Have fun & be safe!