Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good morning to you!

Good morning all. Welcome to another installment of Thursday! LOL. Well, I was expecting to start my weekend, but it turns out that Tim had to work today. So it's just another weekday for me now. Blah!

This month is a crazy one for us. It's one of the busiest ones we've had in quite some time.

This Saturday we have a party to go to that's to celebrate the upcoming marriage of my sister and her guy. Next week the kids have their routine dental checkup, my sister is getting married, Tim has to turn in his unemployment papers for the lay-off, and on the 19th my middle daughter turns 9. The week after that we have Tim's semen analysis on the 24th. And I'll be doing the contest with my friend Robin Renee Ray on the 25th. Then, the last week of July has us getting his analysis results, me announcing the winner of my give-away, and us leaving for vacation.

The first week of August doesn't slow down either. Tim has his last three days of work. Then we'll be working on more plans for the future, and preparing for school to start for the kids.

Ack! It's going to be a crazy few weeks around here.

Anyway... Tomorrow my mom will have the kids for the night. Tim & I are going to go out to buy a birthday gift for our middle daughter, Sara. She's turning the big 9 on the 19th and she sill has no idea what she wants for her birthday. LOL. That child is so indecisive. LOL. I'll find her something that she'll love though. She's asked me to make her a chocolate cake and pizzas for her birthday. She doesn't want bought pizzas, oh no. She wants me to make the pizzas for her party. Sooooo, I'll be spending the day before just making pizza dough and putting it in the fridge. LOL.

On her birthday I'll be baking all day. I never make the cake until the day of their birthday parties because I like them to be fresh and soft. Seems to work out since everyone always comments on how soft and delicious they are. Then I'll have to do at least three pizzas to feed everyone. Should be interesting. :-)

Saturday is the party for my sister and her man. We've booked the back room at Logan's Roadhouse and will be having a nice sized get-together there with friends and family. I'm going to have the in-laws watch the kids so that Tim & I can enjoy ourselves. There will be food and drinks, and I'm bringing a cake from the bakery for all to enjoy. Should be fun!

Oh well, back to today. Nothing special planned for today except survival. The kids are starting to get antsy about summer being so long. We *should* only be a few weeks away from the first day of school. However, the school system moved it from August 6th to September 8th, making summer vacation an entire month longer than usual. Eek! Maybe I'll survive with a little sanity, and hair, left intact. LOL! We'll see!

Well, I'm off. Guess I'll do some housework and see how dirty the pool is. Do a little cleaning & maybe pick some veggies from the garden. I picked some beans yesterday and there were a few cucumbers that were close to ready. I don't like them, but two of the girls do.

Have a great day!