Friday, July 10, 2009

It's finally Friday!

I'm sooooo glad that it's finally Friday. This felt like the longest week ever! Geez!

This morning I got to wake up next to Tim, finally. That's one thing I hate about him working an hour away; he has to leave so early, even on the days where he doesn't go in until 7am.

Anyway, we woke up together this morning with our four year old, Kaitlyn, climbing all over the bed. She was all giggles and squeals as her daddy tickled her between us. LOL. It was funny. Then she decided to jump all over him like a trampoline. LOL!

We woke the other girls up at 7:30am, got everyone dressed, and went out for breakfast at IHOP. It was 9am by the time we were eating. Afterwards we ran to the bank to make a deposit, over to Wal-mart for groceries & more, and then back home to pay the power bill and unpack all the items we'd bought. We were home by noon.

Now, my mom is coming to pick the girls up in a couple of hours, my sister is taking our middle daughter shopping for her birthday, and Tim and I are going out. We have to pick up a gift for Sara's birthday, run by Hobby Lobby for some things, and then we're heading to the "adult" store that we like.

Yep, we're going for a shopping trip. ;-) We haven't been since April, and it's time for a new outfit, at least. Woohoo!

Now we just wait on Mom to come get the brats. LOL!!

Depending on how long it takes us to get our stuff done, we may grill out steaks or chicken tonight for dinner. I don't know though. I won't be eating much of anything the rest of the day anyway. IHOP has done me in for a long while.

Well, Tim just came inside drenched from head to toe, with a very unhappy look on his face. Guess I better go see what happened.

Have a good day!