Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday in my world.

Morning all!

Yesterday's visit to the girls' dentist was quite the interesting one. The older girls went through their checkup and cleanings with no problems and a clean bill of health. The youngest, wellllllllll, my little Kaitlyn was all gung-ho at first....

Then, as she realized that it was actually going to happen, the terror set in................

Finally, after a lot of screaming and tears, she realized it wasn't so bad afteralland the cleaning proceeded. LOL.

My poor little peanut. She's had a cleaning four times and still isn't comfortable with it. She even told her hygentist beforehand, "I'm a wittle nervous." She's such a doll. Her sisters never had this kind of trouble with dental checkups. They've always just hopped right up in the chair and let it happen with ease, and then happily collected their goodies afterward. LOL.

Maybe one of these days my little Kaitlyn Rose will be able to do the same. :-)

On another note... Tim ended up coming home early yesterday. He was feeling bad Sunday night with a stomach issue, and it didn't go away Monday. He made it home before we had to leave for the dentist appointment. That's Tim's arm in the second picture as he's trying to console Katie-Lynn (his pet name for her).

It was cute to see him so concerned. He's never been to a dentist appointment with us, so it was all new for him to see the girls dashing around in known surroundings like they owned the place. LOL. I had to explain several times about the things they were allowed to play with while they were there (it's a pediatric dentist's office) and how they know all the ladies who work there.

In the end, Kaitlyn happily declared, "I did it! I did a great job!" She clung to her purple balloon until bedtime.

Tim went off to work this morning. Hopefully he's feeling better; I'll find out when he texts me later. I have laundry and writing to do today. Tim'll be home by 5pm this evening. Hopefully we can spend some time together when he gets home. Yesterday wasn't quite conducive to "quality time" for the two of us.

Have a great Tuesday!